Shannon & Michael

Our Letter


We want to thank you for reading this in consideration for your child’s adoption journey, as we can’t imagine how challenging this decision must be. We hope this gives a good introduction, but since it’s hard to cover everything here, please know that we are happy to answer any specifics. We would be honored at the opportunity to introduce ourselves, and share more of our story.

We attended college in Chicago and graduated in the same class. We were friends in college, then in 2007, Shannon directed Michael in a play. Having spent a lot of time together in close proximity, our existing friendship grew into a romantic relationship. We were married a few years later in 2013 in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, the same neighborhood where we met, surrounded by our family and friends. We now live on the Northwest side of Chicago, in a two story condo in a six-flat building that lets us have both space and still a neighborhood feel. Michael is a real estate property manager downtown, and Shannon works from home as a business development specialist for technology solutions.

Having both studied acting at Columbia College Chicago, the arts and humanities are extremely important to us. We are so excited to pass on our love of culture and travel to our child. We also enjoy hiking and camping, and have many National Park trips we’d like to do as a family some day.  Humor is very important to us and integral to our lives as well. We’ve always got a “bit” or a song, and if nothing else, our child will always be entertained!

While we love to joke, we’re serious about our love for each other and our families. It’s a dream of ours to welcome a child into our lives and share in that love. After trying for a while we discovered that we’re unable to have children of our own, and the desire for a child was so strong with us that we decided that adoption was the best fit. Shannon’s father was adopted, as well as a sister in law and brother in law on both sides of our families, so it helped to have their support in starting our journey. We’re very grateful for all of our supportive family members, and it warms our hearts to see how eager they all are to see us grow our family.

We want to thank you for reading this, and we hope that we’ve conveyed how passionate we are about adopting a child. If you were to put your trust and faith in us, it would be our greatest privilege to accept such a sacred invitation. We will always respect and honor you when we tell your child their story, and we are open to exploring how best to do that. We plan to celebrate the adoption with our child as a positive event; one that will create even more love and family around them.

Toledo, Ohio
Oswego, Illinois
Business Development Specialist (Tech Sales)
Property Manager
Favorite Trip
Great Smoky Mountains
Camping, Painting, Yoga, Crafts, Cooking & Baking
Hiking, Video Games, Running, Theatre, Film, Baseball
Favorite Disney Character
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Dream Vacation
New Zealand
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