Outgoing Adoption Services

What are Outgoing Adoptions?

The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention) governs adoptions from the United States to other Convention countries – not just adoptions to the US. Adoptions from the US are referred to as Outgoing Adoption Cases. Outgoing adoptions occur when:

  • There is an adoption of a child resident in the United States by someone residing in a Convention country; and
  • In connection with the adoption, the child has moved (or will move) from the United States to the Convention country.

How can we support your Outgoing Adoption?

Outgoing Adoption Services are for non-US residents. Family Resource Center (DBA Adoption Center of Illinois) has been a Hague-accredited agency since 2008. This accreditation allows us to act as an accredited Adoption Service Provider (ASP) for international adoptions: Hague adoptions, non-Hague adoptions, Incoming adoptions, and Outgoing adoptions.

Since 2010, we have completed 15 Outgoing adoptions.

  • Four adoptions through our Traditional Adoption Placement (TAP) program
  • Three adoptions of families who located Illinois birth parents through their own resources.
  • Eight adoptions of families who located children in other US states (not Illinois) and utilized our Hague Outgoing Primary Provider Services

Adopting a newborn through our TAP program

NOTE: At the current time, only US residents are eligible to join our TAP Program. Find out more about our TAP program.

Family Resource Center (FRC) works with families who are interested in pursuing the adoption of a child here in Illinois. In our TAP program, Illinois birth parents contact our agency, and we assist them in learning about potential adoptive parents. Birth parents select the adoptive family from our pool of waiting families.

Primary Provider for a US adoption outside of Illinois

When a non-US resident identifies an adoption outside of Illinois, FRC can oversee the six adoption services to ensure they are performed properly and ethically in compliance with the Hague Convention on International Adoption. We work cooperatively with the Central Authority and/or the authorized agency that is completing your international home study. We also work cooperatively with the US Adoption Service Provider that will work directly with the biological parents of the child and the child themselves in the state where they live. This start to finish service is our Hague Outgoing Primary Provider Services. This SAMPLE AGREEMENT includes details on fees and services.

All applicants

In addition to working with FRC as the Primary Provider for your Outgoing adoption, families must also work directly with their Central Adoption Authority or a designated Home Study provider in their county under the supervision of the Central Authority. Applicants must obtain a current, valid home study in their country of residence and be specifically pre-approved to adopt from the United States (Article 15 letter). FRC will work cooperatively with the Central Authority and/or the authorized agency that is completing your international home study.


Families in our TAP program pay all fees associated with a TAP adoption. Families using our Primary Provider service pay all fees associated with our Primary Provider services. The fees for FRC’s Outgoing adoption service fees include a $815 Monitoring and Oversight (M&O) Fee (per child) paid directly to CEAS, the State Department’s accrediting entity www.ceadoption.org

Getting Started

Non-US residents wishing information about our Outgoing adoption services can call 773.321.0300 or email Jane Turner at jturner@adoptillinois.org.

The above information is a general overview, and we would be happy to speak with you to answer your specific questions. We can determine together if FRC would be able to support your Outgoing Adoption.