Agency Assisted Adoption

Agency Assisted Placement Program (AAP)

An Agency Assisted Adoption occurs when prospective adoptive parents match with a potential birth mother through their own efforts. This can occur through family/friend connections, social media, or word of mouth.

Similar to our TAP program, ACI will provide the Illinois potential birth mother with emotional support, options counseling, and facilitate final surrenders if she decides to move forward with her adoption plan. Prospective adoptive parents are responsible for staff expenses related to the case (mileage, time, etc.) and birth parent expenses, as allowed by Illinois law. These fees are not recoverable if placement does not occur. The placement fee is only paid after surrenders have been signed. The first step for all programs is submitting an Application with the Phase I fee. Please visit our Documents page to download the ACI Application and view our Fee Schedule.

Want to find out more? Attend one of our monthly Program Introduction Meetings.