Domestic Home Study Services

Why Choose Adoption Center of Illinois?

Adoption Center of Illinois has provided domestic home study services for thousands of Illinois families since our founding in 1988. Our mission is to help families to grow regardless of their family configuration, race, gender, background, or orientation. 

In our home study program, we help families complete their home study, access adoption training, and help them register for placement with other agencies. 

The home study is both a process and a document. It consists of multiple interviews and a home inspection. The goal of the home study is to evaluate prospective adoptive parents’ ability to provide a safe, loving and supportive home to an adopted child. The end result is a comprehensive 8–12 page report that provides detailed information on your background, education, finances, health, criminal history, home, references, and adoption preparation. It ideally concludes with a recommendation and approval of an individual or couple to adopt a child or children with specific criteria. 

What Can I Expect From The Home Study Process

Completing your home study is a big step towards adopting a child. We are here to help you through every step of the way. Our Phase I fee includes:

  • Initial Application Interview 
  • Orientation 
  • Home Study 
  • Adoption Education/Training 
  • Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) 
  • Up to five post-placement/adoption reports for one child 
  • Court report if required for an adoption finalization 
  • Take the Next Step in Building Your Extended Family Network

To move forward with the home study process, you must complete our application  with the Program Phase I fee.

If you’d like more information about our services we encourage you to attend one of our Program Introduction Meetings. You can visit our program fees and documents page or for more specific questions you can contact us at 773.334.2300. We’re excited to receive your application.