Traditional Adoption Program

Traditional Adoption Placement Program

The TAP Program is the primary program through which newborns are placed with families who are working with our agency. This is considered a “traditional” program because our agency matches potential birth parents that are considering placing a child for adoption and prospective adoptive parents who are hoping to adopt a child. In TAP, we provide supportive services and resources to potential birth parents who contact the agency through our outreach efforts, and also support prospective adoptive parents by guiding them through the adoption process. To minimize prospective adoptive parents’ financial risk, there are no matching fees and our agency pays all birth parent expenses. The first step for all programs is submitting an ACI Application with the Program Phase I fee. Please visit our Program Fees and Documents Page to view detailed fees for each specific program.

Joining TAP

Families with an ACI Home Study are welcome to join the TAP program. The following must be submitted in order to become active:

  • Phase II Fee
  • Signed TAP Program Agreement
  • 2 Photo Books & Takeaways

Matching Process

TAP family profiles are presented to potential birth parents whose circumstances match their identified adoption expectations. Potential birth parents select the adoptive family. In general, the broader a family’s adoption preferences, the more frequently their profile will be presented.

Important note: Because birth parents select the adoptive family with whom they would like to work, it is impossible to predict when a birth parent will choose any particular family. As such, an estimated time frame for completing an adoption is not available. We do not guarantee placement for any family.

Please contact Teresa Bernu, Domestic Program Supervisor, at 773.321.0310 or at with questions regarding the TAP Program.