Domestic Adoption Programs

Domestic Adoption Programs and Services

ACI has four Domestic Adoption programs. Click on the program name below for additional information. The first step for all programs is submitting an ACI Application with the Program Phase I fee. Please visit our Program Fees and Documents Page to view detailed fees for each specific program.

Traditional Adoption Placement (TAP) Program

Through our TAP Program, potential expectant parents have contacted ACI to help them create their adoption plan. In most all cases expectant parents choose an adoptive family for their child. Placements made through this program are primarily newborns.

Agency-Assisted Adoption Placement (AAP) Program

With the AAP program, prospective adoptive parents have already identified a potential birth parent residing in Illinois who is considering placing a child for adoption. Our agency supports both potential birth parents and prospective adoptive parents throughout the adoption process.

Domestic Home Study Only (DHSO) Program

Our agency completes a Home Study for Illinois prospective adoptive parents who are working with other placing resources (agencies and/or attorneys).

Waiting Child Services (WCS) Program / Adopting from Foster Care

Our agency supports prospective adoptive parents to navigate the various foster care systems throughout the US, including Illinois, by helping them identify and obtain information about children available for adoption. Once matched, our agency will coordinate the process with the agency or sending state.