Nick and Kelli

Our Letter

We are so absolutely honored that you’ve taken the time to look at our profile.

We are Kelli and Nick, both high school teachers (Kelli works part time). We are truly so thrilled to share our lives with you.

We live and work in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago in one of the best school districts in the state.

We have two children who CANNOT wait to be big siblings, and a dog (2 year old that we adopted at 8 weeks), who cannot wait to have some more action around the house. We have multiple adopted family members and their excitement for this journey is amazing!

We live each day for what it is, celebrate every little triumph, and laugh as often as we can.
We are constantly humbled (and educated!) by our students, and have an amazing support system from every walk of life through our close family, friends, students, and colleagues.

We are thankful to be able to share with you. You are brave, smart and our hearts are with you on your journey.

We are an open book- please ask us anything!

Breakfast food
Skillet with eggs and cheese and vegetables
Homemade French Toast with the kids
Saturday Night
Movie with homemade popcorn and games
Mario Bros tournament and bonfire with s’mores
Family tradition
Ratatouille nights (cooking as a family)
Decorating for Christmas after hosting Thanksgiving Dinner
Most important thing in your life?
Fries or Nachos?
Fully loaded nachos
Nachos with ranch and jalapeños
Socks when sleeping?
Yes. My feet are always cold!
Absolutely not.
Pet peeve
Mean people and people who can’t empathize
People who lack patience.
Playing the piano and trying to learn new songs
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