Neeta and Oliver

Our Letter



We are Oliver and Neeta. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. While we don’t know your circumstances, we know this is a difficult decision and we are wishing you the best as you navigate this process.

We always knew we wanted a baby, but never realized how much we wanted one until Neeta lost her only pregnancy in April 2022. This was one of the saddest moments of our lives and made it painfully clear how badly we wanted to be parents. Eventually, it became clear that we needed an alternative path to growing our family. 


Neeta was born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, and moved to Chicago to go to law school. She has been in Chicago ever since and made Chicago her home (except for sports teams, where she will not give up her Cleveland allegiance!). Neeta has an older brother who has three children. Neeta is very close with her nieces and nephew, bonding with her nieces over Taylor Swift and creepy movies. Neeta has a lot of hobbies, many of which relate to being active, including playing tennis, soccer, running, practicing yoga, and cycling. Neeta also enjoys games, especially card games, and making puzzles. Neeta also enjoys cooking dinner almost every night, a hobby which she picked up during the pandemic. 


Oliver was born in New York City and grew up outside of Cleveland. He came to Chicago for his medical residency and has lived in Chicago since that time. He is primarily responsible for getting Neeta into tennis, as he has played his whole life. He also loves running (even in the dead of winter when Neeta refuses to leave the house!) and is passionate about all kinds of music. Oliver is the oldest of three boys, and has a great relationship with his younger brothers, one of whom lives just two miles from Oliver and Neeta. Oliver’s middle brother lives in Long Island and has three young children. Oliver loves playing with his little nieces and nephew.

We can only imagine what a difficult decision you are facing and appreciate your considering our family. If you choose to place your child with us, we share the same goal of ensuring your child is always loved and cherished. We would love to work with you to stay involved in the child’s life in a way that is comfortable for you.



With love,

Oliver and Neeta

Where did you grow up?
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Favorite Family Tradition
Pizza Friday
Decorating the Christmas tree
Favorite Animal
Three Hobbies
Playing card games, playing tennis, hanging out with friends
Playing tennis, running, enjoying live music of all kinds
Cookies or Brownies?
Cookies by a mile!
Brownies with plenty of nuts please
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