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As you read and look through our profile, we empathize with the emotions and decisions you are going through with your child. You are brave and courageous. We are grateful for your consideration of us as adoptive parents. We hope that after reading our profile that you have comfort and belief in us, Maggie and Chris, the love we have for each other, and how we would welcome a baby with love, care, and open arms.

Maggie, 35, was born in Evanston, Illinois and raised in Glenview, Illinois. Maggie is very close to her family, and the importance of being together as a family was learned from an early age. Maggie grew up with 2 siblings (an older sister and younger brother) and enjoyed Irish dancing, going on family vacations, and spending time with friends. She is supportive, loving, caring, and hardworking. Maggie likes to cook, bake, exercise, and spend time with family and friends. She is a special education teacher supporting students with a wide range of abilities. She loves to go on trips and adventures. She will be a caring mother.

Chris, 42, was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in the Chicago suburbs. He was raised with the value of family. From birthdays, to holidays, to celebrations, to bbq’s, to challenging times and loss, and to spending time together, family is a big part of his life. Chris grew up with 6 uncles and 6 aunts, 12 cousins along with grandparents and one sibling. He is fun, creative, supportive, and hardworking. Chris enjoys hanging out with friends and family, being funny, spending time outdoors, going to shows and sporting events, and his career as a teacher. Chris is a special education teacher focusing on life skills, social skills, and job skills. He loves to plan trips and adventures in both warm and cold weather. Chris will be a great father.

Together, we live in Glenview, Illinois and love to spend our time traveling, going on walks, cookouts, and enjoying concerts and shows. We support and volunteer time at Misericordia, a community for persons with developmental disabilities to live, work and engage in social opportunities to help maximize their own potential.  Not only does this type of work mirror our careers, one of our bridesmaids in our wedding is also a resident. We are excited to begin our family through adoption to include a child in our traditions, adventures, and celebrations along with actively participating in the child’s interests and adventures. We are loving, caring, supportive and will raise a child to be happy and to be a good person. We have so much love to give.

Maggie and Chris

Cooking, Family and Friends, Walks
Family and Friends, Sports, Traveling
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