Anshuman and Sonali

Our Letter

Hello! Thank you for visiting our page.

We know you are facing hard decisions about what is best for you and what is the best placement and environment for your child.  This is a journey and we want to be a part of it.  We want you to know that any child brought into our lives will be treated as our own, they will be cared for supported and loved forever.

About us… 

We were both raised by immigrant parents who valued of compassion, hard work, and education.  These are the values that brought us together and that we promote in our own family.  Sonali is a physician and associate professor at a local Chicago university hospital. Anshuman is an attorney for the federal government and works as an adjunct professor at a law school in Chicago.  While we both work as professionals, we devote a significant amount of our professional lives to teaching.

More importantly, family is our first priority.  We are blessed with one son who is now 5.  Our son, like any child we would raise in our home, is the light of our lives.  After work and school are over each day, we will either have a music or sports lesson or playtime as a family and with the other neighborhood children.  Dinner often includes word games  like riddles, favorite books, and guessing games. After dinner we often play board games or do some other fun activity before bedtime. Weekends are spent doing fun family activities and meeting friends for playdates.  We love to celebrate the traditions passed on from our families while also making new ones. 

Individually, Sonali loves to cook, do art and dance. Anshuman is a movie and pop culture enthusiast who plays bass guitar in a rock and roll band with other dads in the neighborhood.  Our son loves having fun with his friends, being with family, drawing, and playing games of all kinds.

We are all very close with our extended family, which includes parents, siblings, and cousins.  We would love to grow our family through adoption and welcome another child into our loving home and to complete our family.

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It’s a Wonderful Life
Mary Poppins
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Building Legos
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