Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting can be difficult at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic! Check out these articles and additional resources for interesting perspectives and useful tips for parenting during [...]

“It’s Much Bigger Than Hair”

ACI meets with many prospective adoptive parents who are considering adopting a child of another race, ethnicity, or culture. However, before families commit to pursuing a transracial adoption, it is [...]

Is Adoption Easy?

Is Adoption Easy? Adoption is not easy Megan and Mike shared, “We’ve been together for twelve years and have been trying to start a family for five years. Countless consultations, [...]

Keeping Calm During the Covid 19 Crisis

By Pam Brown

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy! We wanted to reach out given the challenges we are all facing to keep ourselves and our families safe. It is [...]

Why You’re Not “Giving Up A Child” For Adoption

By Pam Brown

Why You’re Not “Giving Up A Child” For Adoption “I’m pregnant?!  Is this home test correct?  Why is this happening now?  I have two little ones already, how am I [...]

“Adoption Is Not The Same As Having Your Own Child”

By Pam Brown

People who have never adopted have never felt the overwhelming intensity of first meeting their child through adoption. It’s hard to explain the giddy anticipation mixed with unnamed anxiety. This [...]

A New Adoption Paradigm

For more than a two decades Richard has been thinking about the paradigms that govern how people think about and practice adoption. Along with Jane Turner, ACI’s executive director, Richard [...]
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