Considering Adoption in Schaumburg, Illinois?

Placing a child for adoption can be a difficult decision. But it doesn’t need to be made more difficult by a lack of quality information or support. Adoption Center of Illinois is here to help biological parents considering adoption in Schaumburg and across the state.

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We believe that only biological parents can make the decision of whether or not to place a child for adoption. Our only goal is to support biological parents as they make their decision with accurate information, resources, and an empathetic ear. 

That’s why we like to start off by having an in-person conversation to go over the aspects of placing a child for adoption in Schaumburg and field any questions you may have for us. This face-to-face meeting can be in any public venue of your choosing. Some popular choices are Schaumburg Township, Tous Le Jour, and the park outside Schaumburg Public Library.

No matter your circumstance, if you are currently pregnant or have a child who is already born, we will work to support you in a productive and respectful manner. As part of that we make a promise to our biological parents to:

  • Respect your right to confidentiality and keep our conversations private.
  • Provide our adoption services to you for free of charge.
  • Offer 24/7 access to an adoption counselor to answer your questions.
  • We will support you in whatever decision you come to and never pressure you one way or another.

An Adoption Agency for Locals by Locals

ACI is an adoption agency built to serve Illinosians and that’s why our team is entirely based in Illinois. We have ties to the communities we serve and that makes us all the more determined to do our work with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about ACI? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions below or view our full list of birth parent FAQs.

Are you licensed in Illinois?

Yes! ACI is licensed in the state of Illinois. Learn more about our licenses and accreditation.

How many years have you been offering adoption services to birth parents in this area?

ACI has proudly offered adoption services to families across the state since 1988. Learn more about our history.

Do I have to travel to meet in person with a counselor?

No. Because we are based in Illinois, we can come to the Schaumburg area to meet with you.

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