How to Bid

Is there someone I can contact for help?

Yes! You can call us at 773-334-2300 or email us at for help.

We’ve got answers to lots of common questions below as well.

Silent Auction FAQS

When will the Silent Auction open and close?

The silent auction is now open and will close at 9pm on Saturday, March 5th.

How can I view the items?

Log onto our OneCause site to view items or make a donation. Text “2022ACIGala” to 243-725 and a log-in link will be sent to your smartphone. Or click here and go to the Auction tab to bid online! You may be asked to login with the email you used to register or be prompted to register if you haven’t done so already.

How do I find items?

You can find items by pressing any one of the buttons on the main menu or by using the search bar to find a specific item or category.
Items you have bid on can be found in the Menu under the Your Activity tab.

How do I bid on an item?

1) Find the item you are interested in.

2) Select it by tapping or clicking on it.

3) Press bid!
The system will automatically place the bid for you.

What happens when I’m outbid?

You’ll receive a text message when you’ve been outbid. Or, you can go to Your Activity to check the status of your bids.

Can the app automatically bid for me?

Yes! After placing a bid, you will be asked if you’d like to set a Max Bid. Input the highest amount you’d be willing to bid. The system will automatically bid on your behalf up to your Max Bid when others bid against you.

What is “Buy It Now”?

Some items have a “Buy It Now” option, which will allow you to purchase the item for a specified price without the hassle of bidding. Not every item has this option, but you can see if it is available by tapping on the items you are interested in.

How will I receive my items?

Caitlin Lange, ACI’s Director of Development, will be in touch with the auction winners the week after the gala to make a delivery plan. Please note that alcohol cannot be transported across state lines.

Live Auction FAQS

How can I bid on the Live Auction?

You can bid on the Live Auction items exactly the same way as the Silent Auction items!

When will the Live Auction open and close?

The Live Auction will open at 5pm on Friday, March 4th. The items will close at 8:30pm on Saturday, March 5th.