Sean, Dennis and Hal

Our Letter


Thank you for taking some time to get to know us. We are Sean, Dennis and Hal.
We are a family of artists and adventurers.

Dennis (42) is a magician, an actor and a playwright who has been performing magic since he was 10.
Sean (34) is a writer of plays and poems. He’s also a teacher of 6-12-year-olds in a small Montessori school.
Hal (2) is pursuing studies in trucks, rocks, dirt and music. We can’t wait to see how he puts all that together.

We are humbled by the love you are showing your child.

Whatever you are feeling today about adoption,
know that we are happy that there are people like you
who help us make families like ours.

If you choose us, we’ll choose you, too.
We’d be happy to have an open relationship with you.

With great love and admiration,

Sean, Dennis and Hal

Sean talks about Dennis

I call Dennis my “Sweet Man” all the time.

“Ok, Sweet Man…That’s my Sweet Man over there…Whatever you say, Sweet Man.”

Our friends smirk and giggle at us. I don’t care. We are good to each other. And they see that.

Dennis is the second of four brothers. He grew up in a strong, loving family outside of Dallas, TX. From the time he was a toddler, he had a special relationship with his grandfather, who was a wonderful sleight of hand magician. When Dennis was 7, he asked his Grandy to teach him to do magic. Grandy was thrilled and immediately took the boy under his wing, folding Dennis into a wild community of magicians and circus and sideshow folk.

For the last 10 years, Dennis has performed his own, intimate, one-man magic show at a gorgeous, historic hotel in downtown Chicago. Dennis handles everyone impeccably because that is his way. He takes ridiculously good care of everyone in his life, especially me and Hal.

Dennis is a moral compass for our community. People look to him for guidance because he speaks from his heart. He never seems to forget what is right. And he has a way of helping everyone work to be their best selves.

As a father, Dennis is a softie. Currently, he finds himself regularly dragged into Hal’s crib for long cuddles under the blankets. Dennis is outrageously smitten with this sweet little boy. It should be said that Dennis really loves to work. But, now, I watch him sneaking away from it more and more. He just can’t stay away from our beautiful son. I wish you could see them laugh and chase each other. They are great friends.

Dennis and I are in this for the long haul. We’re in it for the good, hard work of accepting each other just as we are – no better, no worse – just unconditionally loved.

We are two parts of the same thing. He’s my Sweet Man and I love him so much.

Dennis talks about Sean

Sean and I sat at opposite ends of a long table in the center of the restaurant. There were 12 or 15 in our group. With the exception of Sean, I knew everyone quite well. In all honesty, I don’t remember a whole lot from that night. It was just like dozens of other nights when, after a show, our cast and crew would go out for dinner and drinks to unwind.

Sean was a friend of a friend. We had met briefly at the theatre a few months before, but didn’t know each other well. The only thing I really recall about that dinner were the few, fleeting moments of eye contact we shared from across the room.

A few days later, Sean messaged me on Facebook and asked me out.

Now we’re married, and I get to sit next to Sean at dinner all of the time. I get to look, for extended periods of time, into the kind, wise, beautiful eyes that wanted my attention that night.

On our first date, I learned that Sean worked as a nanny for a family in Logan Square. A lot of theatre folks take similar jobs to stay afloat. For Sean, this was more than a gig, though. Sean loved being a nanny. He told me that it gave him the chance to spend time in the mindset of a child. In doing so, time slowed and every single second was magical and new.

Sean wasn’t a babysitter. He wasn’t biding time watching those kids. He was raising them. He gave them all of himself at every single moment. He invested his time, energy and soul into growing those two little humans into smarter, wiser, kinder servants of the Universe. To Sean, it was the most vital and important job he could possibly have.

I sometimes wonder what took me so long to become a father.

After 2 short years of parenting alongside my husband, I understand that it’s because without him, I simply wouldn’t know how.

Sean is kind and warm and generous and loving and patient and smart and intentional and creative and extremely loving. He is the perfect co-parent and I am so grateful that I found him.

Lucky, lucky me.


Hal came home to us with a knowing, wise look in his eyes. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching him take in the world and then make his own big, bold leaps. Recently, we were hiking up a hill and came upon a red pine forest. I told Hal, these are pine trees. He thought a moment and then responded, “With pineapples.” I laughed! I rejoiced in the connection he’d made. I marveled at how he had taken the ideas of apples, pines and pineapples and put them all together.

Hal is well-known in the neighborhood. He’s hard to miss. He’s the quick-as-lightening, gleamingly blonde boy streaking down the sidewalk pushing his pink and purple stroller.

We live on the corner. Because we have a swing right beside our low fence, we greet neighbors as they go by. It’s been wonderful to watch Hal absorb this. We think it’s growing him into a trusting, friendly little person.

He’s someone who is deeply moved by art. He loves to play piano. He lays his head on your shoulder as you slow dance to music. Sean recites a few of his poems to him every day. Sean can leave out words and Hal will fill them in. If ever he’s upset, he is calmed down by stories of the day’s events.

Hal loves to be outside, digging in the dirt or hiking through the forest. He loves learning the names of plants and animals. He’s very involved in everything we do. He loves to visit Dennis in his office and work on magic tricks with him. He helps us cook and water plants. He shows a great interest in letters and numbers. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s unashamed to give a kiss to anyone or anything. He knows what’s funny and loves to make people laugh.

Our work with Hal is sacred to us. We’re enjoying helping Hal take the world apart – learning the names of the parts one at a time. But, we also take time to put those pieces back together – to see how the universe behaves as one complete whole. We hope that one day, Hal will come to see himself as that whole – and will be filled with the joy and power and bravery that comes along with that realization.

Our Hope

We are excited for our lives to unfold outward into a growing family that includes new children and new birth parents.

We are eager to explore the community of our children’s heritage.

We want to show our children how to say “Yes!” to the adventure of life and welcome all people and all things into their growing hearts.

We will offer our children an all-encompassing love – a love that celebrates all gifts and forgives all flaws.

We promise to help our children extend that same love to others, seeing them as beautiful, special and necessary in their own way.

We hope to raise magnificent human beings. And we simply could not do that without your help.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We truly hope to be the loving family that you seek.

What we do for work
Montessori teacher, playwright and poet
3rd generation Magician-taught by his grandfather
Where we grew up
A big goal (not yet accomplished)
To publish my stories
To travel the world with Hal
A family tradition
Picking serviceberries each summer after school lets out
Rounds of the family card game – NERTS
What we studied in college
Theater, Music, Education
Favorite Children’s Book
Goodnight Moon
You Are Light
A favorite Hal moment:
“So, Hal, you were saying ‘No, thank you’ and then, you tried the soup and you liked it”, said Sean. Then, Hal said “Don’t say ‘No, thank you.” Sean was astonished. “Yes, that’s the moral of the story.”
As soon as I wake up, Hal takes my hand and guides me into his crib so we can cuddle together.
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