Sarah & Matt

Our Letter


Thank you for letting us share a little bit of ourselves with you. It’s hard to imagine the challenge you are facing and we admire your strength during this time. We feel honored that you are taking the time to learn about us.

We were married in 2007 and always planned to have children. After our very first date, Sarah literally thought to herself, what a great dad Matt would be. We had sort of assumed our path would be the one shared by many of our friends and family: We imagined a future of family dinners, homework and after-school activities, holiday and birthday celebrations. Our future hopes shifted when we learned we could not have children biologically. We spent time considering the best path for our family – and as we looked into the future, just knew that it was meant to include children. It was then that adoption became an important part of our plan.

And now…we’re so very hopeful about this new vision of the future: welcoming a little one through adoption and raising him or her in a loving and supportive home. As parents, we believe our most important role will be to provide a solid foundation of love for a child to learn and gain confidence as they develop into their unique self, with their own interests and ideas.

Our experiences with children have helped develop how we see ourselves as future parents. Matt has volunteered for many years as an adult leader in a wilderness program with at-risk teens, where he guides them (most who have never been outside of a city) in canoeing, camping, and hiking. He always makes sure they are safe but also gives them the confidence to explore and develop their own leadership skills. When we spend time with our niece and children of our friends, Sarah gets right on their level to hear their thoughts and really understand what they are saying. She loves to encourage their creativity through crafts, to read together and develop their love of books, and to be silly when we all need to unwind!

We have rescued two furry family members who make our home so much fun! Our dog is a gentle golden mix named Caoba (He’s originally from Puerto Rico, and his name is Spanish for “mahogany”). He is just the sweetest dog with a fluffy fan tail that wags hopefully for pets and food. Our tabby cat, Oliver, is about two years old. He loves to “copy” everything Caoba does – if Caoba rolls over for a tummy rub, then Oliver does the exact same thing!

We live in the northwest suburbs, where we feel so fortunate to be able to take advantage of the city at our doorstep. At home, we love spending time in our family room which opens up from the kitchen area and features photos and maps from our travels, plus a warm and cozy fireplace. We also spend a lot of time in our three-season room that overlooks our yard – we decorated it in a pineapple theme, and it’s well-known by family and friends as the Pineapple Porch. Our home has a big backyard, flowers, and lots of trees.

Thank you for letting us share our story with you. Whatever decision you make, we know it will be the right one, because it will be made out of love and concern for your child. If you choose adoption, please know that, no matter what, your child will be loved unconditionally, valued as a unique person, and supported through all the ups and downs of life.  We pledge that he or she will always know your love, your strength, and your story.


With warm wishes,

Sarah & Matt

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