Ryan and Seth

Our Letter

Hi. We’re Seth & Ryan.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the two of us and to consider us as potential parents for your child.

About us

We met all the way back in 2004 and have been together ever since. Our relationship is a strong one built on trust, humor, and lots of love.

Ryan loves art and has been drawing since he was a little boy. He also likes reading and writing fiction. He is currently in a writing group and is working on a novel.

Seth is a foodie, loves discovering new music, going to live concerts, taking jogs in the nearby forest preserve, and learning about the rich cultural history of Chicago.

Having close and healthy relationships with family and friends is a huge part of our lives. In addition to our immediate families, we spend as much time as possible with our close friends and extended family members who live in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. We are fortunate to have such a loving and diverse group of people who we call family. Everyone is looking forward to meeting your child and including them in our traditions and holidays.

We love our neighborhood in Chicago and consider ourselves lucky to live on a block with such friendly neighbors. We chose our neighborhood because it has a highly rated public school nearby and a strong program for gifted learners.

We both work downtown (although at the time of writing this, we are working from home). Seth works in Human Resources and Ryan works as a graphic designer.

Some of our favorite things to do together are hanging out with friends, hosting holiday get-togethers, exploring Chicago neighborhoods and parks, trying new restaurants, seeing live theater, and going to the movies.

We can’t wait to welcome your child into our life. We have so much love to give and are committed to raising them to be happy, healthy and curious about the world. We want them to value knowledge, cultural diversity, and creativity — and to pursue what they love, to be empathetic and kind, and to be adventurous and independent.

A note about openness

As part of the adoption process with ACI, we had the opportunity to hear from four courageous mothers who made an adoption plan. Their accounts were diverse, emotional, and enlightening and we felt privileged to listen.

We learned that it is extremely difficult for a mother to choose adoption for her child. Her decision comes with sadness and grief, but also courage, strength, and hope.

We think it is incredibly important for your child to know where they came from and we would honor the opportunity to have you in our life if you choose. We would be open to in-person visits, phone/video calls, and regularly sharing photos of your child.

We want your child to always have a connection to you. Having this connection means they get to be part of a bigger, loving family. We want them to be able to ask questions about their background and be secure in who they are and their identity.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We wish you all the best in your decision.

Take care,
Ryan and Seth

Favorite movie/TV series
Night of the Hunter
Twin Peaks
Aimee Mann
How we relax
Read fiction, watch movies, play video games
Take a walk
Something most people don’t know about us
I can ice skate
I’ve performed in 3 operas
Best pizza in Chicago
Pequod’s (duh!)
Pequod’s (double duh!)
Graphic designer/writer
HR Manager
Something we’re looking forward to doing as dads
Visiting the farm I grew up on in Missouri
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