Our Letter

Warm Greetings to You:

Thanks for giving me a look.  I am a strong and loving single lady who dreams big for a child – to show them the world, how to play basketball, to play music in the marching band, to camp and hike in the mountains, and to make pizzas from scratch.

I cannot express my great respect for you, trying to do what’s best.  Family and friends have helped me overcome tough times.  Even though I ended up on my own so far, my life is full with loving people and experiences.  I would like a family – to raise a happy child and share the wealth, with the help of my recently widowed mom, sisters, brothers, and dear friends.

I will provide the same unfailing love, lessons and forgiveness that my parents and grandparents gave me.  We will learn and have fun together every day, take bike rides along city river paths, and even visit friends in beautiful countries like France, Russia, India, and Mexico.  I want to prepare a child to work hard and enjoy college, like I did – to pursue a purpose- driven life.

I grew up in the middle of five children in the Upper Midwest, to a Mom and Dad who worked full time.  We lived paycheck to paycheck, and my parents couldn’t spend much time with us during the week.  But they supported us and emphasized good education.  Even now, I know that when I make a mistake or otherwise need help, my mom will be there for me.  I want to be the same for a child, and teach them to support others.

In summers growing up, my siblings and I played softball, frisbee and basketball for hours before my parents would set us loose in the public library.  I still love reading. I imagine reading Dora the Explorer and Harry Potter books to a child.  I also want to share my love of hip hop, jazz, rock, and Indian classical music.  I believe that listening to music with my siblings sparked life-long creativity and an ability to connect with people from different cultures.  My child will listen and sing with cousins and playmates, and learn to play music.

I learned a lot in my career so far, negotiating with other governments to reduce the threats from destructive weapons.  My staff and I work hard overseas, but we also enjoy our foreign colleagues and their countries.  I learned the importance of curiosity, patience, and not giving up, to earn their respect and friendship.

I learned while helping raise nieces and nephews, developing young professionals, and volunteering with kids, that my patience and strength enable young people to prosper.

My child and I will volunteer together.  I tutor school kids in reading and math, and my tutees will be great role models.  We also will deliver groceries to home-bound seniors, who will encourage the child with smiles and thanks. We will write letters with dear friends and family who live alone. In these ways, we would hope to make you proud. And through the years, I hope we could share all of our dreams and adventures with you.

Kindest Regards, Regina

Closest people
Mother, sisters, brothers, dear friends (including neighbors), colleagues
Favorite foods
I love to make pizza from scratch and eat tacos anytime. I love homemade apple pies and monster cookies, and all kinds of Indian/Pakistani food. I drink strong black tea with milk every day.
Volunteer activities
Tutoring elementary school kiddos in reading and math, delivering groceries to homebound seniors, and hosting trivia games to raise money for homeless shelters.
Work and career
Run government programs to reduce threats from nuclear weapons, and teach graduate level classes in international security studies. I love developing teams and individual staff members to pursue more complex and exciting jobs (including overseas posts).
Favorite music
I love all kinds of music, especially hiphop, jazz, rock, South Asian classical, and brass ensembles.
Favorite sports/outdoor activities
I love biking, running and walking, almost every day. I love hiking and camping, and I need to get better at swimming.
Other important hobbies
Reading, traveling, writing letters, and spending time with dear friends.
Favorite travel experiences
I have been very fortunate to see other beautiful countries and make friends around the world, including in Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Paraguay, and Peru.
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