Our Letter

Hello, I’m Nitza.  I was born and raised in Chicago and currently live in the West Suburbs.  I still drive into the city for work.  For almost 16 years, I’ve been a licensed practical nurse.  I work full time, days, with major holidays and weekends off.  

I’m currently single, but my dream of being part of and having a family is very much in my heart. Adoption has been in my heart for years, as a way to grow my family and provide a family for others.  My immediate family is small and I’ve often wished for a bigger one.  This dream has led me to navigate thru seasons,never would have imagined.  I’ve struggled with infertility for about 15 years, while married and when in relationships.  I underwent extensive infertility treatments before deciding it was best to close that chapter and open a more hopeful one. It was a difficult season, but feel it led me here taking a huge leap of faith for a reason. It may even be part of a bigger divine plan.  

I strive to be non-judgmental and compassionate.  Although I don’t consider myself religious, I identify as Christian and spirituality is very much part of my strong faith. I have an appreciation for different cultures and faith, and love learning about spiritual concepts. I’m fluent in Spanish but teach myself Portuguese for fun. And for 5 years now, I’ve been learning about alternative medicine, and practicing meditation and yoga.

I’m an only child and generally keep to myself. Even so, I’m surrounded by great trusted people that enrich my life with much love, support and lots of laughter! I want a child to be surrounded by this as well. And it’s very important for me to provide a home where a child feels safe, loved, and happy.

My mom lives walking distance from me. She is a retired hair stylist.  I admire her compassionate heart. We share a very close bond.  She has been extremely supportive of my decision to adopt.  She herself was raised by her grandmother, after her mother’s passing.  My dad is a retired carpenter and lives in Puerto Rico with my stepmom.  He has been very supportive of my journey, as well. As we have both matured, we have become much closer with time.   My step mom is also someone with a huge heart and so helpful to others. I have a circle of trusted friends that I’ve known since childhood.  And other genuine people, I’ve met along the way, at work. Even though we are not related by blood, I consider them my family.  I’m a true believer of soul family and people coming into your life at the right time.

My friends and I enjoy getting together sometimes for dinner, summer music festivals, movies, comedy shows, plays, concerts, back yard BBQ’s, gatherings with their family and children, and can’t forget our catch up phone chats! I like to take out time to read, catch a basketball game sometimes, and watch reality TV. I also have family that I gather with.  It’s nice to have cousins you can be silly with! Last by not least, one of my most favorite things, is taking at least a yearly vacation!  I’m looking forward to visiting child friendly places near and far.  So many things and places to explore. Museums, parks, zoos, and so much more!

I’d like to welcome you to my profile.  I hope it provides a glimpse into my life and who I am.  I want to be an open book and hopefully ease some of the pressure of what I imagine is a very surreal moment of many thoughts and feelings.  I want to do what I can to honor your amazing bravery.  I share this with an open heart.



Favorite Movie
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Current Book
“Woman Evolve” Sarah Jakes Roberts
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Favorite Sweet
Fresh Baked Goodies (Muffins), Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt
Favorite Vacation
First Caribbean Cruise, 2019
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