Myra & Alan

Our Letter

We put a lot of thought into this what information to share about who we are, what we believe in, and how we are living life. It’s hard to cram all that into a few short paragraphs and some snapshots, but we tried our best, and we hope we got it right!

About Us

We are Chicago transplants loving life in the city. Alan originally grew up in Long Island, New York, and Myra grew up in Sterling, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. We have been here 13+ years and live just a couple of miles north of the city center. We love exploring all the city has to offer, but also living a simple life by just spending time together. We live very close to the lake and big city parks, so we’re always quick to head outside to get some fresh air, even when it’s freezing out (after all, it is all about the winter gear!).

Fun Facts

We chose the date for our wedding based on our lucky numbers.

We have visited three volcanoes: in Hawaii, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Our post-dinner routine always includes Bravo reality TV.

Our kitty has the longest name: Whiskers The Rocker Elf. “The Rocker” was a must-have because he loves pink, like a punk rock star!

Why Adoption

When we started down the path of creating a family, we always knew that adoption would be part of that process, though we also anticipated having biological children. Our traditional efforts to conceive were unsuccessful, but it reinforced for us our desire to focus on adoption exclusively.

Even though the adoption process has had its own difficulties, we are so thankful for our family. The adoption process first led us to Jailen, who just turned 7 in December; Ava, turned 6 in April; and Mina, who turned 3 in September. We would love so much for them to have another sibling so they not only have us, our family, and their birth families, but each other.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and for considering our family for adoption!

We aren’t perfect, probably far from it, but we have a lot of love to give, and we hope we can give some of that love to your child. What we’ve learned from the adoption process is that each child will have their own story and where they come from. Part of our job is to make sure they know that story, cherish it, and embrace it as they grow to become amazing adults. We look forward to meeting you, as we would welcome you, too, as a part of our family.

With love,

Myra and Alan

About The Other
Alan has this funny saying from a Todd Snider song, “I’m an alright guy.” It’s typical for Alan to undersell himself, he is so much more than just “alright.” He is an amazing guy! He is laid back and easygoing, but he is also an involved father, a devoted and supportive husband, and a caring pet dad. He is always quick to jump in and roll up his sleeves, whether that’s getting things organized for a trip or playing monster with the kids.
If Myra was out hiking and came across a river that was either too broad or too deep to wade across, she would still find a way to the other side, somehow, some way. She is clever, and imaginative, and treats obstacles she encounters as opportunities. When you combine that with her amazing depth of compassion, which she displays every day with me, the kids, the pets, her family, and her friends, she is remarkable. I feel so fortunate that life brought us together, as I could not imagine experiencing this journey with anyone else.
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