Matthew & Jillian

Our Letter


We are Matthew & Jillian, and we’re excited to tell you a little bit about ourselves. From the moment we decided to start a family, we knew we wanted to adopt. We are ready to provide all of the love, attention, and support that a child needs. And instead of having a biological child, we would rather offer that love and nurturing to child who may be need in need of it.

Our Story

It’s been 15 years and we still aren’t sick of each other. Our relationship has been built on our genuine friendship, and our ability to communicate and laugh with each other. We’re continually challenging each other and helping each other grow, but we’re also a couple of goofballs who like to have fun. 

Some of the core values we’ll model in our family are being open and honest with one another, talking things out, admitting when we’re wrong, and treating everyone with respect and kindness. 

About Us

Matthew (36) works in operations at a retail store and is an avid cook and a big music nerd. He is silly, empathetic, curious, and caring.

Jillian (33) is a product designer at a technology company who loves to bake and do puzzles. She is patient, creative, compassionate, and gentle.

We both enjoy spending time outdoors when we can and often bike along the lakefront or go hiking in the forest preserves. We also look forward to traveling together again soon! We love food, and our vacations typically revolve around where and when we’re going to eat. 

Our Family

We were both born and raised in central Illinois, but have lived in Chicago for over 10 years. We love living here and intend on raising our family as close to the city as possible. For us, the exposure to diverse communities and experiences the city provides is a vital part of our growth as a family.

We’re close with both sides of our families and spend every holiday with them. We also try and make regular trips to spend time with our nieces and nephew. Most of our family live within a few hours of us, and they’re already volunteering to come babysit once we start a family.

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. It’s difficult to sum ourselves up in just a few paragraphs, but we hope this gives you a glimpse into who we are and how excited we are to start a family. 

We know this is not a decision you will make lightly and we are here to support you, regardless of the choice you make. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more about us or have any questions.

Favorite restaurant
Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Little Goat
Favorite book we’ve read recently
Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu
Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
Favorite thing to do in the city
Bike along the lakefront trail
Walk through the neighborhoods to look at houses
Favorite song
Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo
Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn
Favorite thing about the other person
The way she challenges me and ecourages me to grow
The silly songs and dances he makes up on a daily basis
Favorite place we’ve traveled
New York City
Something we’re looking forward to as parents
Going record shopping
Watching our kid learn things
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