Lesley and Charles

Our Letter

Greetings from Chicago!

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about us and our lives. Since we fell in love in 2007, we have built a purposeful, loving, stable life together. Chicago has been our home for about a decade. We hope to learn more about you and support you however we can. 


About Lesley

Lesley grew up in a very creative home and loves to engage in activities with music, crafts, art, and stories. She earned her PhD in history and continues to do historical research today for her podcast. Professionally, she works as an educational administrator with students from all over the world. Her childhood included living in multiple states and countries. She is a very social person with a wide group of friends and a well-developed social network.


About Charles

Charles was raised in Cleveland and remains very close to his family. He has a host of hobbies, from collecting music to learning new baking and cooking techniques. He enjoys being active, from cycling and boxing to working out and practicing yoga. He looks forward to sharing his love of energetic activities with others.


Our Story

Lesley and Charles met at graduate school in Madison, Wisconsin. We spent a few years traveling for our studies and landed in Chicago when Charles received a job offer at a prestigious school. Since then, we have built a life on what this great city has to offer.  We bought a house together in 2015 and decided to pursue adoption a few years later. 


What our home can offer

We own our own home with a room specifically designated for a child. In addition, we offer:

  • Both adults are student-centered educators
  • Lesley works from home with a flexible schedule to accommodate a child’s needs
  • A world-class education from one of the top schools in the country, where Charles works
  • A household full of music, art, and food
  • Opportunities to learn new instruments, crafts, sports, and other interests
  • The chance for world travel and financial stability
  • Adults who are dedicated to supporting a child no matter what future they want to make for themselves


What makes us a good match

Lesley is outgoing and eager to try new things; Charles runs on routine and ensures life is stable and homey. The two of us together offer that combination of innovation and stability that allows children to try new interests with the safety and comfort of regular schedules. We are both healthy with similar financial goals to make sure our future is secure.


Reach out to learn more!

We hope to work closely with an expectant parent so that we may be supportive of your future, whatever that might hold for you. Whether you want regular updates or to take a break, we wish to ensure that you feel supported and comfortable with the relationship. Please feel free to ask us anything, and we are eager to provide more information as you may request it. Best of luck to you.

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