John and Chris

Our Letter


We are John and Chris. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! We have been together since 2013 and cannot wait to expand our family.

John is 30 and was born in Belleville, Illinois. He enjoys playing the piano, walking the dogs, and has a love for travel and spending time with those that he loves. John has improved his Spanish fluency by traveling to Spain, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. He continues to use his Spanish abilities every day as a teacher in a second grade bilingual classroom. He would love to help his child grow up to be bilingual. John is committed to providing a supportive environment for his friends, family and future child.

Chris is 32 and was born in Melrose Park, Illinois. Chris enjoys reading, traveling, and pop culture. Inspired by his love for the Outlander series, his travels took him to Scotland in 2019 where he immersed himself in the history and culture of the Scottish Highlands. Chris is the oldest of seven children and looks forward to his child growing up surrounded by the love of extended family. Chris is an HR and Payroll Specialist at a local university.

We have talked about growing our family for many years. In 2015, we brought Jackson, our West Highland Terrier, home. In 2020, we adopted Mollie, our Dachshund. The four of us have created a happy life together and know that a baby will enhance all of our lives and add to the love in our home.

John and Chris share a passion for knowledge. While we both went to college, our love of learning goes beyond the classroom. We are always reading, learning, and experiencing new things. We cannot wait to show our child the world and raise him or her to be an explorer, free thinker, and lifelong learner.

We are kind, understanding, and compassionate. A few years ago, on the eve of a bad ice storm, John bundled up and delivered food bags to students that would otherwise not have been able to get them. A few years later, John won an Emerson’s Excellence in Teaching award for outstanding service in the educational field. Each summer, he helps feed students in his school community. Chris volunteered at a local support center, where he provided resources, assisted with peer led support groups, and made sure everyone had a hot meal for the day. We both share a passion for helping others and hope to instill this value in our child.

We understand that this must be a very difficult process for you. We can only begin to imagine what you are feeling as you weigh the options before you. We respect your decision to consider adoption and hope that you will give thought to our home. Please take a moment to look through our book and possibly reach out to us so that we may get to know each other better.

We sincerely wish the best for both you and your child!

With love,

John and Chris

Belleville, Illinois
Melrose Park, Illinois
2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher
HR and Payroll Specialist
Favorite Book Series
Harry Potter
Favorite Travel Destination
Costa Rica
Favorite Holiday
Outdoor Activity
Walking the dogs
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