Jim & Caitlin

Our Letter


We are sure you have a lot going through your mind right now, and we know that this is not an easy decision to make! You’re incredible for all that you’ve done so far. We want to support you, and your decision, in any ways that we can.

Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Jim and Caitlin. We met in 2005 – our first year of college – and immediately bonded over movies, music, politics, and our shared love of the city. We were friends for years before we ever got together, and we’ve stayed being friends first. We’ve now been together for almost 12 years and are beyond excited to grow our family through adoption.

A lot has changed in the last decade. We’ve both grown immensely, and have supported one another through big transitions, and through happy times and sad. We’ve moved homes, protested against racial injustice together, made hundreds of meals together, driven cross-country a number of times, and have made our house a home. But two things have remained constant throughout:

  • Our love for each other
  • Our desire to make the world a better place

We continue to be best friends as well as partners. We love to play board games and do puzzles together, and love to cook dinner together every night. We protest and organize together, and we dance in the kitchen together. Our relationship is fun, loving, and deeply supportive


Caitlin is thoughtful, patient, and creative. As an elementary school teacher, she loves meeting kids at their level, and watching them grow. She is passionate about social justice, and is an advocate for her students and their families. In her free time, she loves to create: pottery, drawings, meals. She especially likes to do these things with friends and family!


Jim is smart, gentle, supportive, and a great listener. Jim’s interest in politics brought him to work at a social justice-oriented book publisher a decade ago, and he has been there ever since! He is passionate about his work, and looks forward to helping our future kids find what they are passionate about, too! He also loves to read, grill with friends, and go for walks with Hazel, our big goofy dog.

Our Home

In 2019 we moved into a three-bedroom single-family home; a perfect place for our growing family! We spend lots of time together in the kitchen and relaxing in the living room, and we love sharing our space with friends and family. Our house is within a few blocks of several parks and playgrounds, as well as a brand new public library and a fabulous newly-renovated public school! We have made our home in one of the most diverse communities in the city; our neighbors come from all over the world and speak dozens of different languages. We are excited to raise a child in this neighborhood because we know – no matter what – they will find friends and mentors who look like them, while also making friends who come from very different places.

Our Hopes for Adoption

Our preference is for an open adoption, one where you will be able to continue to play a role in your child’s life. We believe that open adoption is the best option for the child, because it helps them to establish their identity and know their roots, and means they have an even wider network of adults who love and support them. We also believe that open adoption can be a beautiful thing for the adults involved. It will give you peace of mind to know how your child is doing, and having you involved can help us to be better parents, too. We hope to foster a relationship which may include – depending on your comfort level – visits, texts, phone calls, and regular updates.

Please know that we will respect and honor whatever decision you make. If you do choose us as the adoptive parents for your child, we will bring that honor and respect for you into our home, and – if you are open to it – we hope that you will be a part of our family, too.

What we hope to teach your child:

  • To be proud of who they are
  • To know their roots, and where they come from
  • To stick up for themselves, and to be their own advocate
  • To be kind and compassionate
  • To stand up for what’s right
  • To be curious, and to love to explore
  • To be happy, but to know that it’s also ok to feel sad or angry
  • Most importantly, to know that they are loved.

Thank you,
Jim and Caitlin

Favorite Chicago food
Tacos on Clark Street
Indian Food on Devon Ave
Book Publicist
2nd Grade Teacher
Favorite food to bake
Where we’re from
Biking, going for walks, reading
Reading, making art, baking bread, going for walks
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Dancing in the kitchen with Caitlin
Dancing in the kitchen with Jim
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