Jay and Sean

Our Letter


Thanks for checking us out. We’re Sean and Jay and we’re excited to meet you!

Jay (29) grew up primarily in Upstate and Western New York in a large but close-knit family with his
parents, 4 brothers and 1 sister. After high school, he moved to the Chicago area to attend
Northwestern University, where he studied Statistics and Economics. This ignited a passion for data and
analytics and set up an eventual career in data science. He now leads a team at an e-commerce
company here in Chicago.

Sean (27), on the other hand, grew up in a military family with his parents and two younger brothers.
Though the family moved 9 times before Sean was 12 years old, he calls Northern Virginia home. He
studied at Cornell University as a pre-vet student in Animal Sciences, but ultimately decided to pursue a
career in hotels and hospitality. After graduation, he came to Chicago where he loves his job as a Sales
Manager at a luxury hotel Downtown.

Our relationship started as a friendship during Sean’s first week in college. By chance, we met through a
mutual friend and kept up with each other over the 4 years we both were at different colleges. In 2017,
we both were in Chicago working and decided to start dating. Because we had been good friends for so
long, our relationship progressed quickly. We moved in together the summer of 2018, got our beloved
dog Kasper in 2019, and then spent covid-19 in quarantine together, before buying our first home and
getting married in 2021. Shortly after, we started talking about the idea of children.

We both would love to be parents, as we had wonderful and happy childhoods ourselves. We both
come from different but complimentary backgrounds and know that our shared life experiences would
allow us to raise and support great kids. Jay is Swedish American while Sean is African American. Jay
grew up Christian Evangelical while Sean more casually went to Southern Black churches. Together, we
value intellectual curiosity, compassion, empathy, and respect for others. We also love trying new foods,
exploring new places, and spending time in nature.

This is just a little bit about us, but we hope that we can meet you to talk and learn more about your
own journey. We just recently celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary in the UK so we’re drinking a
lot of tea these days… Hopefully, we can connect with you over a couple cups!

Best Wishes,
Sean and Jay

Where we grew up
New York & Arizona
Virginia & North Carolina
Alma Mater
Northwestern University
Cornell University
Data Science Manager
Hotel Sales Manager
Biggest Fandom
Buffalo Bills (NFL)
Star Wars
Favorite Childhood Toy
Matchbox Cars
Playstation 2
Guilty Pleasure
Watermelon Juice
Favorite Kids Movie
Dennis the Menace
The Aristocats
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