Holly and Ryan

Our Letter

Hello –

We are Ryan and Holly and so pleased for you to take your time to look into our lives.We recognize your feelings through such a difficult process and hope you find comfort in knowing that we are willing to join you on this journey and honored for you to consider learning more about us.

We have been together since 09-09-09 (our lucky date!) and married in October 2016. We lived in Chicago for a few years and moved back in 2015 to the suburbs near family where we both grew up. We own a home and have two little terrier dogs – Mikey (a rat terrier whippet mix) and Vinny (a toy fox terrier). They are quite the constant entertainment for us.

About us:

  • When the weather is nice, you’ll find us walking the dogs, in the yard caring for our vegetable and flower gardens, grilling, relaxing on the patio, reading in the hammock, finding new fun places for bike rides and farmer’s markets, catching a Chicago White Sox game (Ryan’s family are BIG Sox fans), or enjoying our nephew’s games.
  • You can find us cooking together every evening after work. We run a food blog focused on fresh eating, new recipes, gluten-free (Holly has some food allergies so we experiment often). Our favorite dishes to make are family Japanese recipes (from Ryan’s side).
  • A good majority of our time is spent with family and friends. We LOVE being with our nieces and nephews. We have older nieces and nephew from Ryan’s side, and younger nieces and nephews from Holly’s side. We babysit often and truly value our close relationship with them (we see them almost every week). We especially cherish when they’re all together at the annual family memorial bowling event and celebrations at our home…so you’ll see a lot of pictures of us with the kiddos.
  • We LOVE coffee shops and dogs!
  • We went to college together and both graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2013. Currently, we’re both in school again working on obtaining our Master’s.
  • We love Chicago and visit often. We enjoy going to shows, museums, games, and trying new restaurants in the city.
  • We often host gatherings at our home. Our annual events include: St. Patty’s corned beef and cabbage, Mother’s Day brunch, Halloween party, Thanksgiving, Bears/Packers games, and birthday parties.
  • Our favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod! We’re crazy about the fresh seafood, beautiful scenery, seal watching at the fish piers, sunrises and sunsets, and enjoy locating the different lighthouses. We think this would be a great place for a child to experience family vacations.

Our home & community:

  • We’ve spent a lot of time upgrading and ensuring our home is safe. Holly’s Dad, Keith, owns the family business as a hardworking handyman and home remodeler. He has been such amazing help in making it our home sweet home, we’re very close with him.
  • We have a fully fenced yard and live only 4 houses down from the neighborhood park.
  • We are walking distance to the elementary and high schools, library (1 street away), surrounded by sidewalks and walking/biking paths that lead to schools as well as to the nearby downtown of local restaurants, shops, farmers market, and train station (1 mile away).

Our Traditions:

  • Annual cookie decorating
  • Out for breakfast with family
  • Birthday dessert celebrations
  • Dinners out with family
  • Family Christmas + Grandma’s birthday (Grandma sits on Santa’s lap every year!)
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Pumpkin picking

Our thoughts of parenting:

  • We open our home for children to grow in a loving, stable, caring, fun, learning, supportive environment.
  • A child should always feel comfort, trust, and understanding from parents.
  • A child should be provided with guidance throughout life.
  • We will remain open and continue to communicate well.


We thank you for taking the time to get to know us! May you find much love and support throughout this precious journey.

Love and warmest wishes,

Ryan and Holly

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