Gudrun and John

Our Letter


Thank you for taking the time to consider our family. We’ve eagerly anticipated adoption ever since we became a couple, seven years ago. We’d raise children with all the love and attention we can imagine.

We love all kinds of activities, including biking, hiking, traveling, board games, and theater. A great part of our relationship is our desire to try new things. We are always up for an adventure at home (like gardening, puzzles, or tie-dying) or on the road (like hiking in the mountains, eating a fried squid on a stick in Taiwan, or camping with friends). 

We are proud of the family we’ve created, and we are excited by the thought of including children. We want our lives to be full of new experiences, good food, and family. We are hardworking and kind, and want to raise healthy, joyous children. Our families are excited for us, and you can see our niece and nephew’s endorsement on the photos page.

Thinking about adoption is exciting for us, but we know it’s a really difficult decision. We want to work together and support a child. If you think we could help you care for and love a child, please let us know.

John and Gudrun, laughing and hugging at a wedding

Best Personal Trait
We’re Excited To Share With Children
Exciting architecture
Family recipes
Favorite Food
Anything cheesy
Favorite Chicago Place
Art Institute
The Lakefront
Most Exciting Activity
Bicycle commuting
Bicycle commuting
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Favorite Seasoning
Szechuan pepper
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