Our Letter


I am Erika, a single woman wishing to adopt. I am grateful to you for taking the time to stop and consider me in your search for an adoptive parent, as I know this decision is not an easy one. Please know there are people, myself included, sending you love as you go through this journey to provide your child with a loving family.

My family is small. It is me and my dog, Petunia. My extended family consists of my mom and dad, my younger brother and my older sister, who comes with a husband and three girls of her own, my nieces. Our family circle is tight, supportive, and real. We have all been through trials as a family and individually and although small, our support and love for one another always carries us through.

My life has been very full, but is also very simple. I own a small photography business which keeps me very busy, but when I am not out at photo shoots I am home, working on photos, bettering the business or snuggling my dog. I also love to grow veggies, read and redecorate. We live in a small, pretty blue house on a wonderful street with great neighbors, and when I travel, which I often do, Grandma and Grandpa watch Petunia. I have an amazing circle of friends who all have kids of their own and are patiently waiting for the day I can welcome a child home as well.

I love to travel, but don’t do it to cross items off a bucket list, but to really embrace other cultures, other lifestyles and to see how similar we all are even when we seem so different. We are all on a journey and I love getting to know people from all walks of life and including them in my journey, you included. If we are a match, I am open to you being part of my life, your child’s life and teaching him or her about your journey as well. I am excited to welcome not just your child, but you into my life.

Adoption has been something I have wanted since I was a little girl. I always said that would be my way to have a family of my own and I have looked forward to having it become a reality for quite some time. I truly believe that when it is meant to be, it will happen. I long for that day to come, but will continue to live a full life as I wait, so I can be the best parent I can be when it is my time.

My thoughts are with all who are faced with the decision you are. Know that I am committed to love whoever chooses me to parent their child, and I will do it with all that I am.

Sincerely, Erika


Favorite food combination …
Pickles + Potatoe chips
Favorite nickname…
My nieces call me “Gagey”
My most treasured possession…
My Teddy Bear, named “Teddy” I got him when I turned 1.
My simplest pleasure…
A coke
Favorite quote…
If nothing changes, then nothing changes.
The song I will always hit the dance floor for…
I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
The activity that instantly calms me…
Playing the piano
Favorite sport to watch
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