Edwin and Kristen

Our Letter

To You With Love,

We know that you are on a roller coaster right now. While we have never ridden that roller coaster, we can imagine that it is filled with emotions, back and forth decisions, and fright. But what we need you to know is that we are confident that you are riding this roller coaster with bravery, courage, and most importantly love. And whether you to choose to love your baby from close or afar, your baby will not go a second without that love.

We are Kristen and Edwin. We’re high school sweethearts who have been together for 10 years and married for 1. We have 2 loving dogs who are the best of friends named Doodle and Bella. They absolutely love all people and are great with kids! 

Edwin is the oldest sibling of 5 including a sister who’s 19, and three brothers who are 21, 15, and 7. Kristen has one older brother (30) who is happily married, with a son named Holden who is 1. Edwin is super athletic while Kristen is super artistic. Together, we share an over-the-top Disney obsession and we attend Disney World at least annually. We love to travel, have game nights, attend concerts and musicals, and our greatest love is probably food. We are always searching for new restaurants to try and enjoying them in our spare time.

When we were young and 17 dreaming about our future all we knew is that Kristen “wanted to adopt a billion babies and Edwin “wanted to help people”. We then graduated high school together. Knowing we had the same values and foundation at our core, and goofy personalities that jived so well together, we cheered in the audience at each other’s college graduations, supported each other through first jobs to current careers, bought a house together, and got married. Knowing it was everything we wanted in our bones, on our honeymoon we applied for adoption. Isn’t that romantic?!

We will forever advocate for our child. We will be their number one fans supporting who they are, what they do, their passions, and who they love. We will encourage them to dream and always be there to help them turn their dreams into reality. We will make sure they always have the proper resources and support so their life is limitless. We will introduce them to God’s love. They will always be surrounded by our diverse and loving friends and family who are each individually role models.

We are not the “see you at Christmas” family after leaving Thanksgiving dinner. Family is so important to us that spending time together is a regular part of our routine. We are so excited for our child to have a cousin so close in age and Edwin’s youngest brother can’t wait to teach our child the ropes! We go big on holidays, and Kristen can’t wait to share the honor and title of “mother” on Mother’s Day with our child’s birthmother.

We will forever be our child’s happy place, and we want you to be their happy place too. A happy place comes in many forms from spending time together all the way to us regularly serving a meal that is dear to your heart. Whatever version of that happy you want in your child’s life; we will proudly and strongly support it!

Kristen and Edwin


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