Brett & Sarah

Our Letter

We would like to begin by expressing our respect and gratitude for your consideration of us as adoptive parents. We believe birth parents are uniquely amazing people, dedicated to giving their child the best chance to live a happy, healthy life. We believe your commitment to your child reflects your kindness and selflessness and we truly admire your strength to engage in this process. We are excited to work with you and support your decision, whatever it may be, to give your child a life filled with love, support and opportunity. The idea of adoption has been fundamental to Sarah since a young age and Brett has been both excited and supportive of this decision.

About Us

Our story is not unique but showcases love and support which we are excited to share and teach a son or daughter about. As you will learn via this letter and our profiles, along with many other things, we both have a passion for sports. It was the love of the game that provided us an initial introduction to each other. We met a mutual friend through our football and softball leagues who thought we would make good friends and set up an introduction. We do not believe it was his intention for us to fall in love but will forever be grateful for him recognizing the potential connection. After an initial meeting at a local pub for Monday Night Football, Sarah invited Brett over for a home cooked meal once she learned he was new to Chicago and had been living on pizza, PB&J sandwiches and his horribly cooked macaroni and cheese. Brett accepted the invite for a steak on the grill and some non-instant mashed potatoes. That night ended up in conversation about our lives, what brought us to Chicago and our future goals and intentions … and several more dates. It was not long before we knew that we worked well together, and that this relationship could evolve into a lifetime together. After about year and half of dating, Brett requested Sarah’s parents blessing to ask for her hand in marriage and nine months later we tied the knot.

Sarah grew up in Oshkosh, WI with her mother, father and sister Amy. Besides her immediate family, Sarah was surrounded by a large extended family full of cousins, aunts and uncles who spent many days and nights together. It was rare in childhood and even still now to not have a family event to attend. Events often included a sporting event, musical, concert, birthday party or just a spin on the boat to go swimming at the sand bar. Although there is an age gap between the cousins (i.e. 20 to 40), they all try to get together for a weekend or two a year outside of typical family holidays, as they grew up like siblings and really enjoying spending time together. Holidays with Sarah’s family are like none-other, you can expect a minimum of around 30 people per event and a maximum of 60 as many of the cousins have children of their own now. The storytelling is out of this world, although the listening might be an area that needs improvement. Sarah was very active in both high school and college with athletics and student government displaying her love for athletics and opinions.

Brett was born in Toronto, moved to Vancouver and eventually San Francisco, CA where he lived with his mother, father and dog-brother Canuck. Brett’s family and friends are spread out across the whole world as he invited folks from three different countries, 13 states and four provinces to their wedding. Although he was an only-human-child, his dog-brother Canuck was a huge part of his life growing up. He participated in football, hockey, baseball and track and even took 2nd place in the British Columbia provincial championships (losing to a now Olympic bronze Medalist). He was a, self-admittedly not that great, Division 1 Track Athlete in college. Or, as his friends like to say, he did field … throwing the shot and discus. Brett was provided an opportunity to become an avid boater spending summers with his grandparents on Lake Huron and an accomplished skier spending winters in the mountains. Growing up, every Saturday in the fall, he attended Cal football games with his dad in Berkley, California.

How We Live

Brett graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in astrophysics, however he quickly learned his true passion was not a career with NASA. After some time working with Stats LLC, Brett discovered an interest in computer programming and returned to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to obtain another B.S. in Computer Science. He has worked his way throughout the mobile app industry from developer to manager, returned to development and now works as a Mobile Product Manager.

Sarah graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in Human Resource Management. She has worked her way thru the ranks starting as a Recruiter, dabbling in marketing for a few years before returning to recruiting and recently accepting a leadership role as VP of Recruiting.

We have been in Chicago since we met in 2007, living in a few different neighborhoods and buying a place in Lakeview three years ago. We fostered dogs through an organization called As Good As Gold, an agency that works specifically with golden retrievers. We have housed two furry friends whom we loved dearly named Lamar and Brandy. Both have since found their forever homes and we keep in touch and visit with them and their families. It is our intent to eventually adopt our own dog once we obtain more space/yard as our plan is to move into a single-family home post adoption.

Our Interests

We have a wide variety of interests, many of which coincide with each other and others which are more individual. Neither of us will ever skip a volleyball game, whether it be on the sand, in a gym or a basic picnic grass court. We love to play together, as Sarah thoroughly enjoys setting Brett up for a big hit and teasing him occasionally when he misses. We also enjoy biking, although Brett is a more competitive biker participating in triathlons while Sarah is more interested in biking to a destination. We have learned no matter the bikes we ride, we can always bike somewhere to grab lunch. The most recent addition to our shared interests is boating. Brett has become an excellent wake surfer, while Sarah has become a capable driver after taking lessons from Brett in the past two summers. We also enjoy simply cruising the waterways with our friends and family. Additionally, our niece and nephews love jumping off the swim platform at the sand bar. Before meeting Sarah, Brett had a goal to visit all the MLB ballparks and he is still well on his way. Sarah has joined in on the fun but is a bit behind on the number of stadiums visited. Brett is a puzzle expert … both crossword and jigsaw. Sarah will assist in those hard to fill-in blank spaces and really enjoys watching and helping Brett solve any brainteaser. Sarah enjoys the fine arts as well, including musicals and concerts. Although Brett may not seek out these types of opportunities, he is an excellent date and supportive partner when his attendance is requested. We strongly believe in encouraging each other and exploring new hobbies and interests. We are excited for the possibility of sharing our current passions with a child, as well as learning about new opportunities that exist for them to discover.

Thank You

We appreciate you giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and taking some time to learn about us as potential adoptive parents. We want you to know that we respect you and whatever decision you end up making. We are excited to start our family but understand this is a difficult and emotional time in your life and we want to be there to support you as needed. We are also are excited to keep you updated with pictures and letters after the adoption. Our goal is to be provided the opportunity to offer a child a healthy and happy life filled with emotional and financial support in a safe and supportive home. Thank you again for your consideration.

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