Aris and Kevin

Our Letter

Hello, We’re Aris and Kevin. We’re both pretty excited about the world and all the things in it and can’t wait to share that with our growing family. Since we welcomed our daughter Sofia into our lives we’ve relished being Dads. We look forward to growing our family further and sharing the world with a new baby. 

We understand how difficult the decision you are making must be. We really admire your strength as you consider adoption. Should we be the couple you choose to welcome your child into our family, please know that we are here to support you on this journey, and that your love will always be a cherished and valued part of your child’s life. We hope our profile gives you a sense of who we are and the life of love and laughter we can offer.

As a same-sex couple, we always knew the gift of adoption would be the way for us to grow our family. Since we welcomed our daughter Sofia into our lives we’ve relished being Dads and can’t wait to grow our loving family further. We are committed to open adoption. We have a good relationship with Sofia’s birth-mom. You will always be the child’s birth family and part of their and our lives. We are open to and ready to grow this relationship however you choose – through emails, letters, phone calls, or visits. We want you to see them grow and thrive, and for them to have the opportunity to know you or your story. We will follow your lead on how open you want this relationship to be, respecting that your choice can change over time.

Our families are a big part of our lives and they are both extremely excited about our adoption plan. A new baby in our family will have doting grandparents, and uncles, aunts, and cousins delighted to show them love and excited to guide them as they grow.

We are also a multicultural family. Aris is Filipino American and Kevin is from Ireland. Aris was born in the Philippines and grew up in Australia before moving to America as a teenager. Kevin grew up in Ireland and studied and worked in England, France, and Japan before moving to America. Having experienced many other cultures, we celebrate diversity and difference. We’re really looking forward to teaching our child about their culture and our home cultures, to learning and growing with them.

We have stable jobs that we really enjoy. Aris is a producer at a big technology firm. Kevin is a diplomat and manages a team in Chicago. We are lucky that our employers really value family. Kevin will get almost a year of paternity leave and Aris has six months. We both have a good work-life balance. Aris works from home full-time and Kevin works from home a number of days a week.

What we can offer this child is a home full of love and laughter. We can provide them a solid education so that they can follow their dreams whatever they may be. We can also teach them how to celebrate the opportunities as well as deal with the challenges they encounter on life’s journey. Our hope for them is that they will feel loved and supported to embrace the world, and find their place within it.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read our profile. Thank You

Aris and Kevin


Grew Up
Philippines, Australia, San Francisco
TV Producer for a big tech company
Singing, cooking for and hosting family and friends, community work, travel
Learning languages, exploring the city, karaoke, marathon running
Can’t live without
Family, projects, cats
Family, friends, coffee
English, Tagalog
English, Irish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
Favorite Holiday
We both love Christmas
Christmas, hands down
Favorite Holiday Tradition
Extended family Secret Santa gifting
Christmas Day swim in the lake/sea
Favorite Memory
First Christmas with our daughter Sofia
Meeting Sofia for the first time
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