Aris and Kevin

Our Letter

Hello, we’re Aris and Kevin. We live in Chicago with our two cats Goose and Earl. We are hoping to grow our family and welcome a baby into our lives.

We understand how difficult the decision you are making must be. We really admire your strength as you choose the best family for your child.

Our Story

We met 7 years ago while we were both living and working in San Francisco. We both fell in love with the others energy, humour, and thirst for life. Our first date was about 12 hours long, we started talking and laughing and we really haven’t stopped since. In those first few months, we realised just how similar our outlook on life is despite growing up continents apart. We also fell in love with each others family. For both of us, our big supportive and fun-loving families are at the centre of our lives, so it’s been wonderful seeing our two families form friendships because of our love.

We both knew pretty early on that we were meant to be together. All of those “big steps”: moving in, building a home, getting engaged, getting married, all seemed so easy, like the natural unfolding of our love story. We got married 5 years ago and we both agree they’ve been the most rewarding and fulfilling years. We’re so looking forward to the next chapter of welcoming a baby into our lives and raising them to thrive in the world.

Our Family

As a same-sex couple, we always knew adoption would be the way for us to grow our family. We talked about how we’d both love to have children on our very first date, so we’re excited to start this new chapter in our lives! We both come from big families, who love being around each other, celebrating birthdays, christenings, engagements, going on big family holidays, supporting each other through life’s challenges. Our families both know we’re hoping to welcome a baby to our lives and there is great excitement.

We are a multicultural family. Aris is Filipino American and Kevin is from Ireland. Aris was born in the Philippines and grew up in Australia before moving to America as a kid. Kevin grew up in Ireland and studied and worked in England, France, and Japan before moving to America. Having experienced many other cultures, we celebrate diversity and difference. We’re really looking forward to teaching our child about their culture and our home cultures.

Our Lives

We’re both people who love people. If we’re not hosting a family celebration, or cooking for friends, we’re organising some fun or cultural outing in the city. We always host a BIG Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends, often inviting more people than there are spaces at the table, but we always figure it out. It’s important for us to give our family and friends opportunities to spend good quality time together.

Growing up seeing so many different parts of the world, we both have a real curiosity to experience culture and learn about the world. We’ve been lucky to see some amazing places: visiting Kevin’s brother and his wife in Tokyo Japan, attending friends’ weddings in Florence Italy and Vancouver Canada. While we lived in Ireland we took the opportunity to explore Europe and visited London, Paris, and Berlin. Aris’ work brought us to Copenhagen, and then we both got to visit Shanghai China. We want our child to know the world and experience its wonder and beauty.

We both love to learn. Aris studied business and has an MBA. Kevin studied languages in school and is always curious to learn new languages. We believe it’s important to follow your passion, so will support our child to pursue theirs.

We’re in good health and have plenty of energy for a growing baby. Aris loves to cycle and Kevin is training for a marathon. We really enjoy walks to explore the city, or hikes in nature. We look forward to helping our child discover the world.

We have stable jobs that we really enjoy. Aris is a producer at a big technology firm. Kevin is a diplomat and manages a team in Chicago. We are lucky that our employers really value family. We both have a good work-life balance and even after the pandemic will be able to work from home a lot of the time.

We are uncles to lots of nieces and nephews, and we are godfathers to many of our friends and families’ children. During the pandemic we zoomed with our families every week – often all in silly costumes just for fun. We love to host family, we often have Aris’ Mum or Kevin’s parents visiting. They are very excited about the prospect of a grandchild.

We genuinely hope that you are able to get a sense of the fun-loving, supportive and caring home and family that we can offer.

Aris and Kevin


Grew Up
Philippines, Australia, San Francisco
TV Producer for a big tech company
Singing, cooking for and hosting family and friends, community work, travel
Learning languages, exploring the city, karaoke, marathon running
Can’t live without
Family, projects, cats
Family, friends, coffee
English, Tagalog
English, Irish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
Favorite Holiday
We both love Christmas
Christmas, hands down
Favorite Holiday Tradition
Extended family Secret Santa gifting
Christmas Day swim in the lake/sea
Favorite Disney movie
Aladdin and all the others
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