Annette and Derek

Our Letter


Our names are Annette and Derek and we are excited to be able to share our story with you and appreciate being considered for a potential match! After ten years of not being able to have children of our own, we decided that adoption was the best option for us to have the family we have wished for. It is hard to summarize who we are in just a few words and hope this provides you a glimpse into our lives, our values, our loved ones, and how excited we are to be expanding our family.

We have been married since 2005 and in that time built a wonderful life here in Chicago. We enjoy everything the city has to offer, including museums, parks, sports, dinning, and cultural events. We both are passionate about the work that we do (Physical Therapist & Software Engineer) and spend most of our free time traveling to fun places in the world or visiting loved ones back home.

Values that are important to us:

  • Family. We are extremely close to both of our families and value the relationships we have with our parents, siblings, and 9 nieces and nephews. Our extended family exceeds 100+ people and holidays & family events are always a party! Our direct family also includes our bulldog, Duncan, who is loved by all the children on our block.
  • Fun. Laughter and fun are at the root of our marriage. I married Derek for his sense of humor, and one of the things he loves about me is how I laugh. We believe in play and creating an environment where one can express themselves creatively and authentically!
  • Compassion. Showing love for oneself and others is essential to us. We work hard in both our personal and professional lives to support our family, friends, patients, and community.
  • Education. We both come from a rich educational background and believe knowledge is power. We will provide every opportunity for a child and lead them towards their interests and strengths.
  • Experience. Knowledge isn’t just built through school but experiencing life through different places, people, and perspectives. We enjoy traveling and look forward to exploring the world through the curious eyes of a child.

We recognize that everyone’s path is different in this process and have so much respect for you in making the difficult decision to consider adoption. If given the opportunity, we hope to work together with you to determine the best outcomes for all. We have been fortunate to have opportunity and success in life but continue to feel a void in not being able to have children of our own. We are hopeful that we will be able to share in continued life adventures with an adopted child and provide for them a life full of love, laugher, and opportunity.


Annette & Derek

Annette Egel
Derek Egel
Physical Therapist
Software Engineer
Home State
Oldest of 3 girls
Oldest of 3 boys
Nieces & Nephews
4 total between 2 families
5 total between 2 families
Ceramics, reading, Pilates, crocheting
Golf, attending Chicago sports games, music
Favorite Place Travelled
Banff, Canada
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
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