Aaron and Brent

Our Letter

Hello! We are Aaron and Brent. We thank you for considering us in this monumental decision!

Aaron grew up in Virginia and works in higher education. Brent grew up in Michigan and works at a non-profit as an attorney. We met in Chicago in 2009, got married in 2016, and currently live on the north side of Chicago.

We are excited to share the love, compassion, and fun that fills our home, as well as the values we hold, with a child. We hope to create a family where our children always feel they are loved, can learn from their mistakes, and feel safe to explore their passions. We are also looking forward to making memories as a family through trips, holiday dinners, and impromptu dance parties! Through it all, we want to be there to provide a child with our loving support.

Our Home

We live in a diverse area on the north side of Chicago. We love our neighborhood and being close to the lakefront which we visit often. There are also plenty of playgrounds and parks as well as a ton of young families.

The holidays is one of our favorite times. Brent is Jewish and Aaron grew up Christian, so we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas and have plenty of decorations for each!

Our Life

We are both close to our families and frequently visit for holidays or an extended weekend. Both of Brent’s brothers have children and we love to spend time with our nephews and niece. We are also extremely lucky to have a supportive and diverse group of friends in Chicago. We get together for birthdays, holidays, or just a sunny day.

Our Values

We both love learning and trying new things. We look forward to taking our child on adventures, exploring new places, attending live theater, and enjoying other experiences together as a family.

We value creating an open and loving home environment for our child where they can have fun, feel the power of education, be free to express themselves, and develop a curiosity for the world around them.

We hope this helps you to get to know us better!

Higher Education
Public Interest Attorney
Star Trek, Theater
Reading, Cooking
Patrick Stewart
Oprah Winfrey, his grandpa
Can’t Live Without
Chicago Activity
Attending a show
Going to the beach
Dream Vacation for our kids
Traveling to Europe
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