Employment Opportunities

Home Study Worker (HSW) Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

To conduct accurate, timely, and high quality Domestic and International Home Studies:

  • Arranging appointments with prospective adoptive parents within 48 hours of case assignment
  • Reviewing all documents prior to the visit, including: Initial Application Interview (IAI), reference letters, medical and financial document(s), and specific placement agency or adoptive country HS requirements
  • Conducting Home Study Interview using ACI Domestic and International HS Guides
  • Submitting a concise, accurate and complete written Home Study draft within 3 weeks of the visit

To act as the primary ACI liaison for families:

  • Maintaining telephone or email contact with families on a regular basis and documenting all pertinent case notes in database
  • Responding to questions from clients and preparing additional supporting documents as assigned by the agency

To conduct ongoing monitoring and post-adoption and post-placement visits:

  • Completing thorough Post-Adoption and Post-Placement Supervisory Visits/Reports and submitting them to the agency in a timely manner
  • Performing Semi-Annual compliance checks for maintenance of the Department of Children and Family Services Foster Family Home Licenses for families holding a Foster Family Home License
  • Monitoring caseload for home study expiration dates and sending families update instructions

Position Requirements

Qualifications: BA or higher academic degree with at least two years of work experience in providing adoption, child welfare-related or social services; Excellent interviewing and report writing skills and the ability to develop working relationships with prospective adoptive parents; Sensitivity towards clients of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Training: HSWs are required to complete initial training upon being hired. A minimum of 15 hours of adoption education and training must be completed annually. Workers conducting international home studies must complete required Hague specific trainings

Transportation: HSWs will be expected to provide their own transportation for all work-related activities and will receive standard reimbursement for mileage and other limited travel expenses

Schedule: Home Studies are typically conducted during normal business hours; however, they may be scheduled on evenings and weekends at the HSW’s discretion. HSW meetings are held on a quarterly basis at the ACI office. HSWs outside of the Chicagoland area may participate by phone.

HSWs will be expected to provide their own computer, printer, and telephones for conducting ACI business. Computer systems must be compatible with MS Word 2010 or succeeding versions of this system.

Please send cover letter and resume to Teresa Bernu at tbernu@adoptillinois.org